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Commercial Division

From a single location to multi-site commercial projects, we have the people and equipment to handle even the largest jobs.

· Apartment complexes
· Residential
· Medical
· Retail
· Hospitality/Recreation
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commercial projects

Residential Division

Residential jobs require a skilled and steady hand. That’s why our residential division employs experienced residential excavation experts who use their own fleet of specialized equipment sized just right to fit any residential need.

· Single and multi-family residences
· Full or partial architectural demolition
· New construction and remodels
· Retaining walls (stone and concrete block)
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residential projects

Development Division

The biggest projects require the biggest tools and the right people who know how to use them. Our development division specializes in land clearing and grading, subdivision development and large-scale site preparation.

· Land clearing, demolition, and grading
· Subdivisions and large land developments
· Full-scale site prep and earthwork
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development projects

Municipal Division

Cities, Counties and States have unique needs and challenges, and Earth Services has a division entirely focused on meeting their needs – from the mundane to the most challenging. No job is too big or too small for us.

· Public works
· Gas, sewer, water
· Road construction
· Municipal buildings
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Surveying Division

Our skilled and licensed land surveyors work directly with you to understand and help you achieve your site goals. We use surveying science and the latest technology to provide accurate data and results you can trust. The data we capture can be easily used by engineers, architects, designers, and contractors to ensure a stable environment where your project will remain solidly rooted.

· Experienced, fully licensed surveyors
· State-of-the-art equipment
· High-definition laser scanning
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From residential demolition to larger-scale demolition projects, our team of highly qualified specialists ensure fast, safe and responsible removal for nearly any site or structure.

· Environmentally responsible
· Low-dust demolition
· Large or small – we do it all
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Retaining Walls Division

At Earth Services, we build stacked stone and concrete block retaining walls engineered to stand up to anything Mother Nature can dish out. Our team members have the experience and artistry to build a retaining wall that not only does its job but looks great doing it. It’s the perfect combination of art and engineering. What’s more, we manufacture our own block, so you’ll never be stuck waiting for third-party suppliers.

· Stone or concrete block retaining walls
· We manufacture our own block
· No job too big or too small
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retaining wall projects

Trucking Division

Every excavation job requires trucking, to remove demolished material, rock, and soil, and to deliver backfill and other site needs. Our fleet of trucks and experienced drivers are dedicated to keeping your job moving at lightning speed.
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trucking projects

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